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torsdag 21 mar 2024 16:00

Häng med på ett företagsbesök till Vincit!

Vincit has been voted the Best place to Work a few years ago. We are a company founded in 2007 and we are now around 650 people strong. As a digital agency, we employ a wide variety of skills in DevOps, Software Development, Design and our latest technology push is on Artificial Intelligence. Our customers are interested in our services because we employ the right talent with the right mindset. Taking care of ourselves is important to us. 

We invite you to our Turku office where we will not only show you how we take care of ourselves, such as our ball pit, game-room and mini-gym. We also let you participate in our bi-weekly pizza social where you can make your own pizza, and we'll help you bake it.

At the event we will:

   * Introduce Vincit as an employer  (30 min)
   * Coding competition suitable for students of any skill level (1.5 hours)
   * Pizza Social (overlapping with coding competition)

If you have any dietary restrictions please inform us through the organisors, especially if you need gluten-free pizza (will be baked in the same oven using a sheet pan). Otherwise the toppings we provide should fit with most dietary restrictions.

Welcome to Vincit!


När? 21.3 kl.16 ->

Var? Vincits kontor

Hur? Med gott humör och datorn under armen

Varför? För att besöka Vincit och äta pizza

Pris? Gratis


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